Monday, January 18, 2021

Hungry in Tegucigalpa?

 Following is a list or restaurants.  Although totally subjective, I will rate each one with $ to connote whether expensive ($- $$$$), * will connote whether I liked the restaurant and would continue to frequent (*- ****).  one * means don't bother and **** indicates it's good (food, service, ambiance, etc).  !!!! means that the restaurant is one of Don Godo's favorites.

This list will continue to evolve as I add restaurants and delete ones that have closed down.

I will try to mention what the restaurant is good at or specializes in.  They are not listed in any particular order.

Here goes...

Tacos Don Manolito, Mexican, wide assortment of Mexican style tacos, two locations, we prefer the one in Lomas Del Guijarro, near the American School, tel. 2243.2111 and 8973.8453.  It's clean, good food and good service! ($$, ****, !!!!)

Claudio's, Italian, pasta and Pizza.  One of the better places for pizza.  Castaño Sur, tel. 9944.4096 ($$$, ***)

Hacienda Real, Steaks. In my view the best place in Tegucigalpa for steaks.  The perfect combination of food cooked to perfection, great ambiance, and service to match.  I usually order the 'lomito Perez' and split it with my wife.  The 'ceviches' are also quite good as is the 'queso fundido'.  Blv. Juan Pablo, tel. 2239.6860 ($$$$,****, !!!!).  Don Godo's absolute favorite.

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