Sunday, January 03, 2010

When In Tegucigalpa, If You Want To Eat...


There are many places to get pizza in Tegucigalpa, ranging from franchises like Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Little Caesar's, to Honduran restaurants such as Tito's, La Trattoria, Mia Pappa, La Fontana, and Claudio's. However, Don Godo's family prefers IL PADRINO. It's right off of Blvd. Morazan, just behind Pollo Campero (tel. 221.0198). It's an Italian restaurant with all the typical dishes, but this is where we go for pizza. My kids really like the shrimp pizza, and all the other non-pizza dishes we have tried were quite good as well. The ambiance is a little lacking, kinda like a big box room with Italian decor, but it still rates being one of Don Godo's favorites. ($$$/****)

For me, La Trattoria is a close second. Claudio's is the only pizza place with a wood burning pizza oven, but while the pizza was quite good, we thought it was overpriced. The last time we went to Tito's, they had quit giving crushed peppers and parmesan cheese with pizza (claiming they could only offer it with pasta dishes).


Laurie said...

Thanks for the restaurant updates! I considered doing something on my blog like this but I don't know of many restaurants in Honduras as my circle consists of modest income missionaries and even poorer congregants. I know who makes good pupusas, etc in house but that's about it.

In NOLA, pizza....I like Reginellis, Theos and Brooklyn Pizzeria. The first two are easy to find uptown. The last one is in a strip mall near the corner of Vets and Houma in Metaire. Buen Provecho.

DON GODO said...

Laurie, We also like Reginellis (we go to the one on Magazine St.) In Metairie, I like the Tower of Pizza on Vets.

Unfortunately, I doubt the restaurant scene in Teguz will ever come close to New Orleans, not in a 1000 years!!