Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Game Over, Honduras is Victorious!!

Finally, we get to see the back of Manuel Zelaya. The game's over. Honduras won!! The final scores:


HONDURAS- The clear winner, it scored a major victory. It did not capitualate to Zelaya, Chavez, the OAS, the USA, or Brazil.

ROBERTO MICHELETTI- Honduras' first hero of the 21st century. They should put a bust of him on the Blvd. de los Proceres in Tegucigalpa.


MANUEL ZELAYA I trust he will be miserable in his exile given the anguish that he has put Honduras through...He proved himself to be a selfish, egotistical, SOB.

CHAVEZ- Honduras checked his influence. Is 'Chavismo' dying? Please see the recent election results in Chile.

THE OAS- All I can say is poor Insulza...

THE USA- We already knew that America is a power in decline, that the American century had ended...Now, to be beaten by poor little Honduras...Talk about a bruise to the ego...

BRAZIL- Now we know exactly where Brazil's influence ends: in the jungles of Guiana and Surinam.


je16983 said...

Don Godo,

Le agrqdezco mucho por sus comentarios en cuanto a Honduras. Yo soy Americano pero me corazon es latino y todos mis amigos son Hondurenos. Me duele lo que esta pasando ahi. Por eso le estoy agradecido - porque nos da una historia corecta de lo que esta pasando. Gracias.

jdocop said...

I live in Costa Rica, and feel much as your post indicated your feelings about what happened in Honduras last year. I am constantly surprised and even amazed at what some others (perhaps less informed) feel. Today, I was particularly dismayed to read this on a supposedly Tico site (

I just thought I'd ask your opinion of this piece, and its writer.
John G. Dungan, RN
Aguacate de Tilaran
Guanacaste, Costa Rica 50807