Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Chavez: Commandante Cowboy Unlikely to Return to Office

Don Hugo is currently in Libya for a love fest with its great leader, Col. Qaddafi. Together they are celebrating 40 wonderful years of Libyan bliss and good karma under the colonel's altruistic leadership. Taking a few moments for a telephone call to Venezuelan television, Chavez admitted, "Regardless of whether Zelaya returns or not, and really, at this point, that's hard to imagine, Honduras will keep up the fight."

Thanks for the honesty and candor Hugo...

I guess when you say "Honduras will keep up the fight", you mean President Micheletti and the Honduran people will continue to resist the Zelayistas in the OAS.

Thanks again Hugo for being the bearer of such good tidings!!!

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Tyler Cheney said...

This is the dumbest thing i have ever read. Unless you meant this as Satire in which case it could be funny. But considering that you emphasized president when you wrote that golpista Micheletti's name. How can they be resisting when they are the oppressors. It was a military coup, you can't be resisting the people you are trying to oppress. YOU ignorant child, try actually learning of the issues before you going posting ridiculous stuff online.