Monday, September 21, 2009


Zelaya is reportedly in the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa, which is situated on Calle de Republica de Brazil in the Col. Palmira. I recommend avoiding this area because of the potential for violence

I trust the Honduran gov't will immediately suspend diplomatic relations with Brazil and declare their personnel 'persona non grata'. It should also take a page from the US playbook during the US invasion of Panama when it was trying to get Manuel Noreiga to leave the Vatican Embassy. In that situation, the US military surrounded the embassy, played very loud music 24 hours per day, and made life very difficult for those inside. No one can complain if Honduras does the same thing because it is now totally acceptable behavior since this is what that bastion of human rights and democracy, the USA, did...Oh and while they are at it, they should cut off water and electricity too.


André Luís said...

You are obviously mad to propose such things. Micheletti is not the rightful president of Honduras. I am brazilian and i really fear that this wave of military assaults to constitutional governments spread through south america. My country owe latin america the protection of its political order, since Brazil teached all others how to throw a "good military party" last century. I feel shame from our past, but I'm glad that Lula did not fail on us now.

Anonymous said...

Bastion of human rights and democracy? You are deluded. The number of human rights violations done by the US at home and around the world is very, very high. As for democracy, well it seems that you can buy your way into becoming a presidential candidate. A system that creates on anly two party system is far from 'Democratic'.