Sunday, January 14, 2007

Health Insurance

My wife and children just got health insurance. They opted for one provided by the Honduras Medical Center. You can only get service at this hospital and one in San Pedro Sula, which is fine with us, since these are the most advanced hospitals right now. The cost for both of my kids is Lps. 330 /month for each one and for my wife Lps. 625/month. Any person over 45 is charged Lps. 985/month and needs to get an extensive physical test done. All others are exempt. The cost of the test is Lps. 1,500. For the first 3 months you are only covered if you have an emergency. From months 3-12 you are covered for routine doctor visits. After the first year you are covered for pretty much any disease that was not pre-existent, except diabetes, which is covered if it is diagnosed after the 2nd year. Then, you are pretty much covered for any treatment if it is available in Honduras. You pay Lps. 100 per doctors visit (usually about Lps 500) and then you get a 60% discount on lab work and medications.

One drawback is that you are automatically dropped from coverage when you turn 75.


Anonymous said...

Im a honduran and im reading your blog quite interesting, i really dont recommend you the Honduras Medical Center, yeah its quite nice and very modern but in quiality attention... My oldest son (16 years) had an Anaphylactic Shock we arrived at the hospital they didnt even know what to do or what medicine to apply i almost lost him,so i prefer for Viera Hospital located on the Downtown, and the Honduras Medical Center,when you have a insurance policy and you have an emergency they "explote" all your insurance, so that my recommendation. Glad to know you like Honduras.

Zab said...

We also got health insurance. It's from Maxicare.