Friday, January 14, 2011

Distressing Statistics

According to 'El Heraldo' (Jan. 13, 2011), the annual murder rate in Honduras is 77 per 100,000 people, and has doubled in the past five years.  That's one murder every two hours!!! 

In Honduras's two largest cities, the statistics are even more grim.  San Pedro Sula has a murder rate of 125/100,000 making it the third most deadly city in the world (after Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and Kandahar, Afghanistan).  Not wanting to be outdone, Tegucigalpa ranks no. 6 worldwide with a murder rate of 109/100,000 (edging out Guatemala City which is no. 7).

This upward spiral in violence started its dramatic increase under the regime of Mel Zelaya.  It simply amazes me that Pepe Lobo's main focus is bringing Mel back to Honduras, instead of focusing on security for Honduras' citizens.  Does Pepe have a poor sense of prioritization, or what...?


La Gringa said...

Yes, I think he does have a poor sense of prioritization. Every poll I've seen for the past several years has put security at the top of concerns, even more so than jobs, housing, health care, and education -- which says a lot in this poor country.

Among his other priorities are promoting new business in Honduras and tourism. How do you do that without addressing the crime concern? Makes no sense to me.

onthemove said...

Hi, thanks for your blog! My husband and I have just been offered teaching jobs in Copan Ruinas. To get there, obviously, we need to travel through either San Pedro Sula or Guatemala City. We have two young daughters who will travel with us and many family members who will miss us from the states who will want to visit (among them 2 other children). What do you think? Is this a wise choice, coming to Honduras, given the rate of crime in the access cities? We will likely be offered jobs in Costa Rica too. Until looking into the crime rates, Honduras was our first choice and without involving children we wouldn't hesitate. . . send me your thoughts if you have a minute. Thanks, Molly

DON GODO said...

Onthemove, Copan Ruinas is considered a relatively safe town. There are a lot of tourists, so it doesn't feel isolated either. San Pedro Sula will be your entry point as it is much closer than Guatemala City. Although SPS is a dangerous city, i don't think you would have any problems since you are only 'in transit' and foreigners are not usually specific targets.

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I have been living in Copán Ruinas for the better part of 2011; maybe I can give some perspective?

It is located in a rather sketchy part of Honduras (surrounded by El Paraíso, Santa Rita, etc.) - but the town itself (that is to say, the center... where you'd most likely be living) is quite nice. A lot of folks speak English there as well; you'll never feel too far from home (until you see a horse eating trash in the middle of the street or a bolo sleeping in the middle of the street at noon on a Sunday).

Michigan TC said...

Okay, this is becoming a bit of a refrain on your blog posts, but I am also wondering about the wisdom of accepting a teaching position in Honduras. My wife and I have been offered teaching positions in Tegucigalpa, and we have three young children (7, 5, 3). Are we asking for trouble, or is the danger generally avoidable given al little prudence?