Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why, oh why?

One of my family's favorite escapes from the daily grind of Tegucigalpa is dining out, but I guess that's going to change...

This past Sunday, on Mother's Day, my favorite seafood restaurant, Tony Mars, was assaulted.  According to El Heraldo in Monday's edition, two people were killed.  It seems the assailants were disguised as police.  One of the patrons was armed and a gun battle ensued.

I had heard of restaurants being assaulted with all the patrons being robbed before, but I never thought much about it.  I guess it really hit home this time because I've eaten at Tony Mars many times.  Their fried shrimp are simply the best I've had anywhere...

Also, they had private security, but the assailants were disguised as police so, so much for the security.

Even though we weren't there at the time, we could have been.  That's how random the violence has become in Honduras.  While you may not be an intended target, you are always at risk.

Somehow I feel violated myself...and I guess our nights out on the town will be dramatically reduced.  In the long run, that means we'll save a little money, but that's also bad for the economy...less money being spent means less income for restaurants, waiters, fewer jobs, etc., etc.

How can Honduras be 'open for business' if you can't feel safe eating dinner with your family?

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Don... I'd like to reprint your piece about finding honey at Lago Yojoa in Honduras Weekly (http://www.hondurasweekly.com). Can I get your permission? I'll provide a by-line (Don Godo) and a link to your blog.

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