Thursday, July 22, 2010

Top Ten Things I Like About Honduras

10- Quirky Thirld-Worldness of it all
9- Climate. It seems just about perfect, except for when there is a drought or constant rains from tropical depressions.
8- Colonial villages. My family loves visiting small little colonial villages for an afternoon diversion. And they are everywhere, each unique in its own way. I especially like Santa Lucia, Valle de Angeles, Cedros, Copan Ruinas and Ojojona. Still waiting to visit Gracias.
7- Mayan history. It seems as if I can't visit Copan enough times. There are also some secondary sites such as El Puente that few people visit, but are diamonds in the rough nevertheless.
6- Natural Beauty. Honduras is absolutely beautiful, whether it's the Bay Islands or the Mountains.
5- Cost of Living. I can live much better in Honduras. In the USA, I simply can't afford the same lifestyle.
4-The private bilingual school system. My kids are getting a much better education in Honduras then they would in the USA. But, I regret the public school system doesn't afford any opportunities whatsoever for the average Honduran.
3- Pace of life. Sure, I like the hustle and bustle of the States from time to time, but the slow pace of Honduran life adds an immeasurable boost to my overall quality of life.
2- Family values. The sense of family is much more important in Honduras than in the USA. Children live at home longer, extended family (cousins, 2nd cousins,uncles, aunts, etc.) are all best friends.
1- My wonderful Honduran wife. What else can I say? God really blessed me on this one!!!


Hannah said...

I love this! I think I'll copy the idea and write my own version...

Laurie said...

What a wonderful 10 ten list! Especially the last one - grateful for your wonderful wife. That's nice.

Live Simply Love Strongly said...

These are some of the same reasons my husband and I are planning to move down to Honduras in a few years! Maybe we will meet!

DON GODO said...

Thanks all. Lest anyone think I'm overly optimistic with my head in the clouds, I'm also going to print a list of the top ten things I dislike about Honduras.

Love Simply, glad we like some of the same things...If you and your husband move to Honduras, I'm sure our paths will cross...

Laurie said...

Ha! Don Godo, you are thinking like me. A top ten of things I hate: like corruption, kids not in school, men who leave their wives, etc. Even small things like the great lengths sometimes I have gone to take a hot shower.