Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Graffiti, a Sign of the Times

My wife returned to Honduras yesterday after spending a wonderful summer with me here in New Orleans. She hasn't had the time to get out and about in Tegucigalpa since her return, but she did make one observation en route from the airport to home: Tegucigalpa is now full of pro-Zelaya graffiti. Every possible wall seems to have been defaced...so I guess the spray paint merchants are doing a good business.


Hannah said...

It's true...everything is covered!!

Laurie said...

Yup, I saw it before I got here in NOLA. I learned lots of new words, words that I would not want to know ordinarily. Especially appalling is that much of it is near the airport, so visitors are treated to signs of our recent troubles as soon as they leave the airport.