Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boycott Citgo

Given Venezuela's interference in Honduran affairs, I have resolved never to buy gas at any Citgo station in the future.  I refuse to patronize a company who's profits go to the Venezuelan state and are at the disposal of the Chavez regime to manipulate and control Honduras.

I trust other Americans that support Honduras' struggle to maintain democracy and constitutionality will join with me and refuse to purchase any product at a Citgo station.


Rick said...

In general, boycotts of companies are futile. Nonetheless, it just feels good. I once ran out of gas in front of a Citgo station, but walked an extra 2 blocks just to avoid buying Chavez gas.

DON GODO said...

Rick, I agree, they're usually futile, but it at least makes me feel better, and hopefully it sends a small message

Anonymous said...

I have not purchased Citgo fuel since little man Chavez gave his speech at the UN a couple of years ago. He is an irritating bug that will be squashed at some point.