Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shame on Carrion

   A couple of weeks ago, I was in Tegucigalpa visiting my family. During a stroll in the Multiplaza Mall, I was shocked to see the display in one of Carrion's windows. There was a male mannequin wearing jeans and a tee-shirt, with a heavy chain in its hand. The display was an obvious glorification of violence and gang culture.

I don't know whether the display has been changed yet, but I hope people complained and pressured Carrion to remove it.

Violence and crime have reached levels that are totally out of control in Honduras, and threaten the very fabric of its society. I cannot understand why a large Honduran company would try to glorify this lifestyle in order to peddle a few extra pairs of jeans and tee shirts.



La Gringa said...

Yes, shame on them!

Every time I think that you are gone forever (as a blogger), here you pop back up again!

Cari Fawcett-Pitt said...

Hello Don Godo. Upon my first trip to Honduras two weeks ago I was amused at the irony of the name of the store. Carrion, as defined by Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary as, "dead and putrefying flesh ; also : flesh unfit for food." I laughed out loud at the name choice. My husband was more than willing to show me how the store inflates the prices of their imported goods. I mused over the double entendre.

DON GODO said...

I must admit that Carrion has a good business model- selling J.C. Penny quality at Saks 5th Ave. prices!

Grimfairy said...

Carrion should be ashamed at their complete lack of taste! The background is a drab 90s, then the mannequin is being forced to give off a bondage/goth vibe but the Mossimo (Ed Hardy rip-off) shirt just send it all into another realm. What a sad attempt to confuse.

No said...

Carrion is a surname, just like Fawcett, just like Pitt. It's also in Spanish, not English. Personally, I think their stores, their products, and their (non-existent) customer service policies suck, but I felt I should make that point.

Elric Boneth said...

Well, at first glance at this post, I wanted to comment that kind of fashion is a pseudo variation of the UK Punk style, later chewed in the USA, and yeah, someday in a later future it had to come to my country. Globalization, ladies and gentleman. Besides of that, you got your point. Many larger stores in Honduras sucks. You got much better attention when you go to any little town outside Tegucigalpa. Really.
I remember a computer store that carried the left over pc`s from gubernamental offices of the US, and then they sold that hardware as new.
By the way, I thought that I was the only one when I was a kid that looked their name as rotten flesh. XD