Friday, October 05, 2007

Did You Know?

Did you know that in Honduras, at least in Tegucigalpa, gas station attendants insist that you turn off your cell phone while they pump gas? Yes, that's right...if they see you talking on the phone, they insist you turn it off because they somehow believe the radio waves or frequency will ignite the gasoline and everything will explode.


Katrina said...

Even in the States, there are no cell phone signs at gas stations. I´ve always ignored them, but they are there. I´ve been in the car with friends in Ceiba when they don´t even turn off their engine while the guy is pumping gas.

V. said...

That is an worldwide myth. I've seen it in Germany, Italy and in the US. Even though it was busted on Discovery Channel's Mythbusters, it is widely advised to turn off mobiles, turn off engines and of course, not smoke.

Ann said...

I have jsut started going to this blog....I live in Vietnam and this sounds so typical of here. Motorists do not use headlights on their motorbikes because they believe it uses too much gas.