Sunday, May 27, 2007

Be careful when opening your door, you never know who's knocking

Recently, the door bell rang at my in-laws house, where my wife and children are currently living. There is an intercom system so my father in-law asked who it was. A man replied that he was there to deliver a package, that the package was from Miami. He asked my wife if she was expecting any delivery, she said no. They went to the upstairs window and looked out. There was a truck backed up to the gate, with no markings of any kind.

Fortunately, my father in-law is not the most trusting person, being an ex-colonel and now in the security business. He went back to the intercom and screamed with quite a few expletives, that they should leave immediately. He made it very clear in no uncertain terms, so the men jumped back into the cab of the truck and sped away.

Unfortunately, this type of crime happens all too often in Honduras. Criminals patrol neighborhoods, especially upper class ones, looking for someone coming out or in to their house. They then force their way in, holding the people hostage while they load up a truck or large van with everything of value.

The moral of the story: Be suspicious of everyone that rings your bell!

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La Gringa said...

Don Godo, I read many stories like this in the newspaper (not so many recently -- but maybe it has gotten boring). Usually a maid is convinced to open the gate or risk losing some important package for her dueƱos, and then as you said, the people are tied up and robbed, or worse.

When we have had a maid, we always tell them not to open the gate for anyone -- that if we are expecting a package or a visitor, WE will tell her in advance.

Thank goodness your father-in-law took no chances and the fact that the truck was backed up to the gate convinces me that they were up to no good.

I'm so glad to see you back posting again!