Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Get Involved!! or at least, Make a Difference!!

Anybody that has ever visited Honduras knows it's a very poor country with a lot of problems and needs. For me, it's especially troubling to see young children living in abject poverty with no hope for a better life. If these children could somehow get an education, they will have hope for the future. Touching the life of just one child impacts the life of an entire family.

If you are reading this blog, then I know that you have an interest in Honduras and its future. So I want to encourage you, no, I challenge you, to sponsor just one child on a monthly basis. Its not expensive, $25.$35. per month. Collectively, just imagine how many lives could be made brighter!!

Below are links to some charitable organizations in Honduras. Check them out and help make 2007 a year of promise for some needy children. You'll be glad you did!

Bilingual Education for Central America

Helping Honduras Kids

Olancho Aid Foundation

Trujillo Christian School

World Gospel Outreach

The above list is by no means comprehensive. If you know of a worthy organization that is not mentioned, please feel free to list it in my comments section.

Regardless of each of our own personal circumstances, we are all more fortunate than the poor children in Honduras. So please take a few moments and reflect on what you are able to do, and then do it!!


Tim Posey said...

I too saw the need for the exact type of ministry to children that you are talking about. In 2006 we started our first of hopefully many Center's of Faith, Hope and Love in the Colonia Villeda Morales just outside of Tegucigalpa. So far we have 52 kids with sponsors from the US and could use 100 more immediately. Our website is http://www.CentersofFaithHopeandLove.org and my phone number from the states is 800-740-3397 my cell in Honduras is 851-8999.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing about this. Honduras has a big problem with ninos de la calle (street children). Go to streetkidshonduras.org to learn about Pronino and what they are doing to help these kids. No amount is too little to give!