Sunday, September 10, 2006

Real Estate Web Site

For those of you considering buying real estate in Honduras, check out the following website:

This is the site for Inverprop. The owner is Honduran and is very professional. If you feel more comfortable with English, the site has an English option. What I think is good is that he has properties listed by category (beach, city, houses, apartments, lots, etc.) But most importantly, the agency (and thus the site also) is geared towards local Hondurans. It has prices and pictures of the properties. Since it's not geared necessarily to expaatriates or the almighty Gringo $, the prices are more realistic and a truer pciture of the market.

I think you'll find this site to be your best starting point (unless of course, you prefer to have your hand held and pay Gringo prices!)


Bound for Ceiba said...

Thanks for bringing attention to that site. There don't seem to be any listing for La Ceiba right now, (at least not commercial) but I will add it to my list of links to check regularly just in case!

Rob said...

My favorite web site for real estate in Honduras is

Ngabrie is a bit pricey, actually, and I find the quality of the real estate on Souza to be of a higher quality.

honduraschris said...

Honduras Best Buy Properties in La Ceiba by Chris Barrett

Please visit:

A sneak peek at direct beachfront home construction and completed beach homes can be found on this Youtube video channel