Sunday, April 09, 2006


Even though we have not finished our house, I have already applied for and received Honduran residency. There are several types of residency available, but I have what is called a 'rentista' visa. I can maintain my residency as long as I convert a $1000.00 a month into lemperas. When I say $1000.00/month, it does not have to be done on a monthly basis, I can convert $500.00 one time, next time $4,000.00 and the next time $1,500.00 for example. If I did this, my residency would be covered for six months.

The laws are subject to change of course, but at the time I got my residency (about two years ago), this type of residentcy entitled me to import all my household furnishings duty free. Also, I'm entitled to bring in a new car duty free every five years.

I believe that everyone contemplating building a home in Honduras should get their residency first. I cannot stress this enough!!! The reason is that you will be spending a large sum of money building or buying your home. If you get the residency first, all the money that you convert into lempieras to pay for the construction or purchase can be applied to fullfilling the currency conversion requirements of your residency. For example, if your home costs $250,000, you would be able to generate foreign exchange receipts sufficient to cover the next 20 years!!

The residency is relatively easy to get, but you should have a local attorney walk you through the process. If you need a referral, please leave a comment and I will email you the details of the attorney who handled mine.


Susan said...

Jeff--We're interested in retiring in Honduras. Do you know anything about working there? My husband is a psychologist here and would like to set up a small practice for ex-pats. Any ideas? Thanks.

DON GODO said...


The various residencies available to people retiring in Honduras do not allow the person to work as an employee, although the person may start their own business. My wife and I plan to open a cafe.

With that being said, my wife believes that there is a rule requiring anyone involved in a medical profession to perform one year of residency or social work in order to establish a practice. She believes the practice can be set up and on going while the social requirement are being met.

Patty Ramireze said...

Jeff, this answere several questions for me. I just left a message on International living about the who what and where of internet service that this didn't answer. I would also be interested in the contact info for the attorney you used.


Amy said...

Hey Don, my husband is Honduran, my kids have their residency, but i am lacking mine. Can you give me your attorneys name?

Anonymous said...

Jeff, my wife and I would like to start a missions in honduras and live there also. Were both in the medical field....Me firefighter/ EMT...Her nurse. Needing help residency,attorneys name, if missions is diffrent than retiring and moving there.

kerry said...

Jeff, my family and I are moving to Honduras Dec. 09 to live for a minimum of 3 years doing missionary work for a U.S. based 501c3 organization. What type of residency should we try and get and who would be good to use? Also, if we didn't get residency, how often do we have to leave and for how long? There are 5 of us. Thanks,

Lana said...

We are looking to move to Honduras. Could I please have your attorney's contact info? Thank you.

kerry said...

I am looking into using the services of either Cristiana Carbajal
( or
Jose Oswaldo Guillen ( Anyone have an personal experience with these folks?

Anonymous said...


I currently own and operate an eco fly fishing camp/guide service in Belize. I have residency here in Belize and wish to expand my business and I'm looking into Utila as I really enjoy my time there. Can you provide some assistance and what visa/residency will be needed to open or start a company in Honduras. Thank you. I can be reached at belizefishing @

Oceanne said...

My name is Lanita Oceanne Soleil. I live in Miami, Fl. I want to live in Roatan and fly for a local airline. I was told that I need to retake my Commerical Exam in Spanish and obtain a Honduran Residency. Would that be Special Permanent Residency? I would like to be there for 18- 24 months. Would the airline I am working for get the residency for me or do I have to go to Tegucigalpa and apply in person? Please email me